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    Fun Texas Defensive Driving

    Ticket Dismissal has Never Been Easier

    There are several reasons for taking defensive driving. Some folks need to complete a course for work while others would like to save a buck or two on their car insurance. But for many, the idea of taking defensive driving never crosses their mind until they cross paths with a citation. Whatever the reason you find yourself thinking defensive driving, you couldn't find an easier way to get it done than with a course from FunTexasDefensiveDriving.com.Taking our online course lets you work at a pace you can customize to fit your busy schedule.

    What Makes this Course Different?

    This certainly isn't "old school" defensive driving. By "old school", we mean defensive driving that is actually taught at a school (or restaurant or hotel or church basement). Taking defensive driving that way means carving out a six-hour chunk of your life fighting to stay awake listening to lectures about driving. Instead, with our "new school" approach, you will be simultaneously entertained and engaged with content that is both helpful and informative. What's more, our online course allows you to work at your own pace letting you keep your Saturday for yourself!

    Got a Second?

    At the pace of life today, that's probably all you have. The great thing about our online course is that you can choose to complete it all at once or a little at a time, whatever your busy schedule allows. Beginning with our quick and easy registration process, the course is completed on your terms. If you're worried about remembering everything for a big test at the end, don't be. Every unit ends with a review video and short quiz making it easy to pass while the information is still fresh on your mind. What's more, if you've waited until the last second, you can choose "Printable Certificate," and get yours as soon as you complete your course.

    Defensive Driving is Not a Bad Idea

    You know it's true, youre on the road every day. You know how much of an “adventure” driving can be, especially when you're sharing the road with "that guy." Have you ever stopped to consider that you might be "that guy" to someone else? Our online defensive driving course can help you to never be "that guy." Seriously, couldn't we all use a refresher or two to help us play more nicely with others out on the roadway? The safe driving techniques you'll gain and the reminders you'll get will help you share the road safely with all those "that guys."

    Why Not Go with the Best?

    Our TEA/TDLR approved course is offered through CP#280, ApprovedCourse.com, the fastest growing defensive driving course provider in Texas. This course doesn't just meet the state’s requirements, it exceeds them. Having taken a course or two during their driving careers, our course developers knew there had to be a better way. The result is a course that is engaging as well as educational. By using humorous text interspersed with entertaining video, the information is easy to understand and remember. In fact, if you’re not careful, you may even enjoy yourself a little along the way!

    does this course qualify for ticket dismissal?
    Defensive Driving or Driving Safety. What's the difference?
    Is the Cost of the Course Really $25?

    Why Wait to Get Started with the Best Approved Course in Texas?

    • Informative AND entertaining! Great information and nice unit reviews before each quiz at the end. Very easy to take!

      L. A. – Houston

    • The course was informative, and it was enjoyable. Not some dry rehash of the rules of the road. After completion the paperwork I needed was sent to me promptly. Definitely worth my time and money.

      R. F. – Austin

    • Easy to use and made the experience not so boring. Certificate was delivered less than a week after completion. I would highly recommend.

      M. T. – Dallas

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